Medical Credentialing Service

As a healthcare provider today, no one has a more first-hand experience than you regarding how vital health insurance is for clients who need care.

Today, many clients wouldn’t dream of seeking professional help without using their insurance to cover the costs. Additionally, insurance companies are broadening their own horizons as to what services they will cover, from mental and behavioral health services, to even services like acupuncture and massage therapy. Of coure, clients and patients are more willing to seek out these services if they are covered by their insurance.

With this in mind, it goes without saying that one key to building a successful healthcare / medical practice today is being able to be reimbursed by insurance companies for your services.

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That sounds great, doesn’t it? Your practice grows and your clients are happy because you accept their insurance. However, if you can’t accept insurance because you aren’t on insurance panels, the process of getting on those panels – also known as medical credentialing or provider enrollment – can be a “nightmare”; but that’s where can help.

Medical credentialing is the process of becoming contracted with insurance companies, or insurance panels, so that you can accept reimbursement on behalf of your clients/patients.

The process of credentialing can be quite laborious, involving submitting applications, following up with insurance companies, submitting appeals to panels who deny your request, and spending time on the phone and on your computer, all in an effort to make your services more accessible to more clients.

It’s our job is to let you focus on your clients – not on following up with insurance companies.

Instead of undergoing the hassle yourself, let take care of your medical credentialing for you.  We’ll submit the necessary information, touch base with the insurance companies, let you know the progress being made on your behalf, and get you on the panels you need to be on in order for your practice to grow. The entire time we’re working, you’ll be doing what you do best: helping your clients improve the quality of their lives.

Let make the necessary step of credentialing as easy as possible.

Our website is full of helpful tips and articles for you if you’re ready to take on the process of medical credentialing on your own. Or, you can call us here at (855) 664-5154 and let us take care of the time and the worry for you.  We’d love to answer your questions and get you on the road to building a more successful practice!

We’ve Credentialed Thousands

Every year, helps hundreds of healthcare practices across the United States get in-network with the best 3rd party payers.

Our services include:

  • Individual Provider Enrollment (Getting on Insurance Panels)
  • Group Provider Enrollment
  • NPI Number Retrieval
  • CAQH Completion & Maintenance
  • Credentialing Appeals
  • And More

Practices Big and Small

Whether you’re looking to become a preferred provider with Blue Cross / Blue Shied, or become in-network with Medicaid, our highly-trained credentialing specialists can help.
We make credentialing easy.

Working with practices small and large, including:

  • Solo Practices
  • Group Medical Practices
  • Large Medical Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • DME Companies

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